Youth Foundation

The Columbus Jewish Youth Foundation met Sunday to consider grants for local environmental, conservation or sustainability initiatives at local Jewish agencies.  Twenty-one Teen Board members from nine different schools, seven synagogues, and nine neighborhoods from Bexley to Powell to Pickerington heard presentations from four grant finalists.  Youth Foundation members will present their recommendations to the Foundation Executive Committee in mid-May.
Front: Maya Rothchild, Jami Garfinkel, Haley Bernstein, Alison Bernstein, Mara Sanderow, Olivia Weinstock, Julia Cohn, Ethan Davis.
Back: Daniel Griffaton, Bentley Adkins, Sarah Colvin, Lydia Colvin, Jacob Dach, Carly Shocket, Aiden Weiser, Hannah Blumenfeld, Dani Lane, Eli Weinstock, Hannah Dolen, Danny Davis.

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