Your Foundation Grant Dollars at Work

Holocaust Survivors Fund:  To date, the Foundation has provided $229,000 for food and utilities from this fund to assure the success of the Federation’s Local Holocaust Survivors In Need Initiative to ensure a life of dignity for those who have suffered so greatly.
Hineni Fund:  In the aftermath of the Great Recession, the Foundation conducted two special Hineni (“Here I Am”) fundraising campaigns to assist those most affected during the downturn.  Proceeds of over $175,000 were used for the Foundation’s SCRIP program, food, transportation, and short term therapy services at Jewish Family Services.
Sonia & Saul Schottenstein SCRIP Fund: The Foundation’s community-wide SCRIP program, which helps local Jews facing hunger, illness, or financial crisis, was originally launched in 2005 as a temporary effort.  But a hidden landscape of need persists. Since its inception, SCRIP vouchers valued at $190,349 have been distributed to local Jews in need on 2,142 occasions. In 2016, SCRIP cards were renamed “Sonia and Saul Cards” in honor of the program’s key benefactors.  Donors can help meet the financial challenges of Jewish families in need by reaching out to either Foundation Development Director Gary Robins or Grants Director Susan Tanur at 614-338-2365.
LifeCare Alliance:  The Foundation provides $8,000 a year to LifeCare Alliance for its Meals on Wheels program, which includes the delivery of Kosher Food to those in need.
Community Shelter Board: The Foundation provides $5,000 a year to the Community Shelter Board.  CSB leads the community’s response to homelessness with programs and services at 17 different provider organizations throughout the community.

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