WHV Kashruth Fund

The campaign drive to maintain Wexner Heritage Village’s Kashruth is still underway.  Potential changes in the agency’s current policy are being considered, but if this campaign meets its goal, they will not be instituted during the next 12 months.  Contributions may be directed to the WHV Kashruth Fund at the Columbus Jewish Foundation, 1175 College Avenue, Columbus, Ohio.


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  1. by Ms. Kori Lessing on September 18, 2016  6:33 pm Reply

    Dear WHV and CJF,
    I made a little donation to the fund. I realize that a lot more is needed, but I just wanted to thank Mr. Gordon Hecker and Mr. David Rosen for all they have done to make this possible. The Health Care industry is in a huge turmoil now and things are not very predictable. Costs are soaring at the same time that the need for Jewish elder care is booming. No path is really clear, but we owe it to their Jewish neshamas to help in any way we can.

    We need to financially and morally support the teams that care for our elders. We need to offer more support than complaints. We need to be thankful for what Hashem has given us, that we may share it with those who cannot take care of themselves.

    Be especially grateful for our leaders who deal with these problems every day of the year.
    Ms. Kori Lessing

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