Which of the Following are True of Passover Celebrations in Diverse Lands?

  1. In Yemen, at the first Seder, participants would sprinkle their cloths with incense. It was a sign they soon would enter the Holy Land and they wanted to smell their best.
  2. Jews in the Caucasian Mountains dressed like warriors in what they called “liberty clothes” which were adorned by a short spear at their side.
  3. Moroccan Jews were renowned for magnificent outfits so they would be ready to welcome the Messiah and immediately begin their crossing to Israel.
  4. Afghani Jews would lift a bone from the Seder plate to represent the outstretched arm to deliver them from a place where they no longer felt welcome.
  5. All of the above.

Editor’s note: Author Murray Berkowitz, DDS, the chair of the Foundation’s Jaffee Dental Committee, has compiled acclaimed “Golden Shmura Passover quizzes” for the past 38 years.  In his spare time, he practices dentistry in Cleveland. PS: The answer is “all of the above.”

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