Wexner Foundation’s 30th Anniversary

Leslie Wexner was asked in the early 1980′s if he would chair a major Jewish organization. Although such positions were usually based on philanthropic capacity, he felt that leaders of any major enterprise should also “know their stuff”-in this case, Jewish history and tradition. He felt ill-equipped on that score. Realizing that the Jewish community would be strengthened by having more knowledgeable and confident volunteer leaders, Wexner established The Wexner Heritage Program in 1985. Its mission: to expand the vision of Jewish volunteer leaders, deepen their Jewish knowledge and confidence, and inspire them to exercise transformative leadership in the Jewish community. Since the program’s inception, nearly 1800 leaders from 33 North American cities have participated in the program.The Wexner Foundation’s 30th anniversary is being celebrated this week. We congratulate our honorary Columbus Jewish Foundation Board member Leslie Wexner, Abigail Wexner, and the Wexner Foundation’s professional leaders, especially Larry Moses, Rabbi Elka Abrahamson, and Cindy Chazan. Their leadership and vision have transformed the North American Jewish community.

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