We Sadly Note the Passing of…

Lillian Strouss:  Lil devoted herself to Gallery Players and the JCC.  A terrific director and stage performer, she had major roles in 8 Gallery Players productions and directed 22 shows.  Her Foundation endowments will benefit Gallery Players, the Columbus Museum of Art, and the Arthur B. James Cancer Hospital.
Sam Schwartz:  Sam was already born when the Bureau of Internal Revenue began using the name “Internal Revenue Service.” He grew up to become one of Columbus’ favorite CPA’s.  Rare was the Legal and Tax Advisory Committee meeting of ours that Sam did not attend.
Marcia Friedman: – Marcia was active in the Jewish community, including time as Regional President and on the National Board of Directors of a women’s organization that is now part of American ORT.  She was a vocal proponent of breast cancer awareness, the disease that took her life.

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