US Holocaust Survivors’ Requests for Help Increasing

The Blue Card, a group that provides assistance to U.S. Holocaust survivors, said requests for assistance grew by 20% in 2016.  One-third of the approximately 100,000 Holocaust survivors in the U.S. are living at or below the poverty line. It is estimated that 61% of the survivors live on less than $23,000 per year. In a recent Blue Card survey of Holocaust survivors, it was found that the greatest needs for financial assistance were for home care (13%), food (12%), and utilities (12%), as well as assistance with supplies for Jewish holidays (11%), dental care (10%), and  medication (9%).  The food and utility needs of Central Ohio’s Holocaust survivors are met through the Foundation’s Holocaust Survivors Fund. A host of other services to local victims of Nazi persecution are provided with proceeds from the Holocaust Survivors Initiative Campaign of the Jewish Federation of Columbus.

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