Thelma & Fred Gerson

Although we have not been in Columbus a long time, our children are here, and we have been warmly received into the community. It was therefore important for us to make this gift.

My parents, Minnie and Max Kohnop of Dayton, were very involved in Temple there; and my father was very active in B’nai B’rith on all levels. Fred and his parents Mariana and Heinrich Gerson, immigrated from Germany in 1937. Our parents all had a great concern for the Jewish community of which they were a part.

Growing up in Dayton and working for a time for the Jewish Federation, I was most aware of a strong Jewish community. Fred often recalls the closeness of the Jewish community in which his parents lived. We both have first-hand knowledge of tzedakah and the importance of a strong Jewish community. Therefore, we hope our gift will help make certain that the Jewish community of Columbus will be there for all future generations.

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