The Death of Klinghoffer

In 1940, Nazi Reich Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels masterminded the film production Jud Suss, one of the most notorious pieces of anti-Semitic film propaganda produced in Nazi Germany.  The “documentary” portrayed the life of Court Jew, banker, and diplomat Josef Oppenheimer, who in real life was hanged in Wurtenberg in 1738 while saying the Sh’ma after refusing to accept Christianity.   (Ironically, the film was based on a novel written by the Jewish novelist and playwright Leon Feuchtwanger – a fierce critic of the Nazi Party.)

Is this week’s production of the Death of Klinghoffer at New York’s Metropolitan Opera House comparable?  Fox News views the dramatization of Leon Klinghoffer’s senseless murder “apologia for Palestinian violence” and a pure and out “musical bastardization of a cold-blooded terrorist murder.” See how Klinghoffer children weigh in here.

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