Terri & Gary Schottenstein

Our parents were our greatest influences. They led by example. They expressed their intense love of Judaism in all of their actions. Terri recalls her father singing at the Shabbos table and laying tefillin every morning, and both parents constantly making time in their lives for Jewish causes. Gary’s parents’ legendary leadership and commitment in the community have also been a great inspiration. Their relationships with their children and grandchildren have inspired and motivated their families to strive for higher personal ideals.

We treasure the sincere spirituality and the strong commitment to family that is an integral part of Judaism, and we consider it a great blessing to live up to the obligation of the commandments given to us by HaShem. We hope that the Jewish Community will be a light unto the greater Columbus community, and that we as a community will accept only the highest moral values and the most compassionate treatment of our neighbors.

We made our gift for our children and our children’s children. We are proud of being Jewish and we want to help to keep our heritage strong.

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