Sonia Modes Schottenstein

Since the time of my birth, I was taught about the mitzvah of Tzedaka. I always thought that my many charitable goals would be unachievable during my lifetime, but with the help of the Columbus Jewish Foundation, I have seen my dreams come true.

In the home of my beloved parents, Rose Schuster Modes and Joseph Modes (of blessed memories), charitable giving always came first. When my father would leave his business to do errands, he always left money behind for the needy. At times, his tax return was questioned because of his generous giving habits.

My father was one of the original founders of the Columbus Torah Academy. He gave a window and a Torah to Wexner Heritage House, and upon his death, he bequeathed a Torah to each of the city’s Orthodox Shuls – Beth Jacob, Ahavas Shalom, and Agudas Achim. During her later years, my mother was a Wexner Heritage House resident. I never missed a daily visit with her. Even in her last years, as she approached age 95, she would ask my brothers if enough money remained in the charitable fund.

Surely my parents would be proud that the Columbus Torah Academy’s music room now bears their names. Yahrzeit gifts to perpetuate their memories and mine will benefit Wexner Heritage Village, Shalom House, Chabad, the Kollel, several health-related organizations, and a “Chesed” fund to help the Jewish needy.

Nothing could make me happier than knowing that my charitable affairs are in order, and that I have been able to structure this legacy to the Jewish community.

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