Remembering Lancaster’s Jewish Past

In 1925, the small Jewish community of Lancaster, Ohio, just 33 miles southeast of Columbus, bought a formerly German Lutheran church to house their B’nai Israel congregation and synagogue.  For the next 72 years, religious services, Hebrew school,  and social events were offered at B’nai Israel for Jews in Lancaster, Logan,and Nelsonville. The aging congregants sold the Shul in 1997, using the proceeds to establish four B’nai Israel endowments at the Foundation, including two for Jewish education, one to purchase Jewish texts in the Lancaster Public Library, and another for a Columbus synagogue that promised to display the congregants’ Yahrzeit plaques.

B'nai Israel artifacts on display at the Foundation's August  1997 annual meeting.
B’nai Israel artifacts on display at the Foundation’s August 1997 annual meeting.




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