Recent Events In Pictures

Tens of thousands gathered in the Place de la Republique in Paris to mark the nation’s defiance and sorrow in the face of last week’s attacks on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish supermarket that left 17 dead.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, French President François Gérard Georges Nicolas  Hollande, P.A. Presdent Mahmoud Abbas, and others at Paris Unity March.
Prime Minister Netanyahu was met with cheers as he entered the Grand Synagogue of Paris. When Netanyahu spoke, FrenchPresident Hollande got up and left.

Yoav Hattab, one of the victims of the shooting at a Paris kosher supermarket, shown on a recent Birthright trip to Israel.


The Dreyfus Affair

In 1894, French Army Captain Alfred Dreyfus was convicted of treason in a case that many considered even at the time to be a miscarriage of justice. The French writer Emile Zola came to the captain’s defense with a famous open letter titled “J’accuse,” in which he accused the French government of targeting Dreyfus because he was Jewish. Publicly stripped of his rank as thousands of Parisians called for his death, Dreyfus was imprisoned on Devil’s Island. In 1899, Dreyfus was pardoned by the French president and released, and in 1906 a military commission officially exonerated him.

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