Pew Research poll: US public support for Israel at near record highs

From the Jerusalem Post


LAST UPDATED: 07/17/2014)

US public support for Israel at near record highs

As Israel continues its ground operation in response to terror attacks initiated by Hamas and other groups in Gaza, a recent Pew poll taken during Operation Protective Edge suggests that support for Israel among the American public is near a record high.

The poll, which was conducted between July 8th and 14th, shows that 51% of Americans sympathize with Israel in its ongoing dispute with the Palestinians, while only 14% sympathize with the Palestinians. Another 18% either side with both or do not side with either.

The poll demonstrates that support for Israel is at the second highest point since the question was first asked in Pew surveys in 1978.

Perhaps more remarkable than the level of support, is the diversity among demographic groups. White evangelical Christians represent the group with the most robust support for Israel among those studied (Jews were not a demographic studied in the survey), but support was consistent among African-Americans and Hispanics as well. Both groups tend to support Israel over the Palestinians by a margin of more than two-to-one. While older Americans are more likely to support Israel, among those 18-29, 44% support Israel while only 20% support the Palestinians.

The results of the survey are encouraging, especially given that much of the news coverage of the current conflict has cast Israel in a negative and unfair light. Israel clearly embodies many of our American values, including a commitment to freedom and democracy for all its citizens.

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