OSU Students Stick Up For Israel

OSU Hillel and pro-Israel students on campus beat back yet another attempt to delegitimize Israel.  Nearly 50 appeared Wednesday night at an Undergraduate Government Senate meeting to testify against objectionable elements of a “Resolution to Establish a Committee to Investigate OSU’s Investments in Companies Complicit in Human Rights Violations.” Their words helped the passage of several amendments that changed the tone of the resolution from targeting Israel to combating human rights abuses more broadly. Per Hillel Executive Director Joseph Kohane, “We are incredibly proud of our students’ tireless efforts to prevent Israel from being singled out and misrepresented on campus, and their continuing resolve to fight BDS and anti-Israel bias however it manifests on campus.” For the last two years, the Foundation has generously invested in Hillel’s “Creating Jewish Leaders on Campus” initiative.  We take pleasure in their success.

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