OSU Students Reject Anti-Israel Resolution

At 1:00 AM on March 24, OSU Hillel Executive Director Joseph Kohane sent out a jubilant email: After hours of intense debate extending through midnight, OSU’s Student Senate rejected an attempt to force the university to divest from American companies that do business with Israel.  In a phone call to the Foundation later in the morning,  Kohane credited “remarkable student leaders, our entire Hillel Jewish student community, Hillel’s professional staff,” as well as the Federation’s and Foundation’s moral and financial support to the student body to counter anti-Israel activities.  “Your support played a critical role in training and equipping our students to lead the fight,” said Kohane.

Additional Foundation Support for Hillel
In addition to previously-approved grants for OSU Hillel, grants were provided in late March from the Foundation’s Hillel Building Endowment for the campus organization’s facility needs, including a new lower-level HVAC system.

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