Murray Ebner Gets Varsity Letter

Sisters Lisa Rosen and Judge Cynthia Ebner couldn’t have been more surprised when one of 400 students they were meeting with presented them with a baseball in honor of their late father, Murray Ebner, who was a child survivor of Auschwitz. Proclaimed the student, ” I read your Dad’s book and I made a connection to it with a baseball trophy that my team earned…  your Dad could have won a trophy for sports but never got the chance because his childhood was taken away from him.  On behalf of Big Walnut Middle School, I would like to give you this varsity letter because we feel that your father Moniek would have earned one of these for soccer.”  The student body also donated $200 to the Foundation for Holocaust Education.
Cindy Ebner and Lisa Rosen meeting with students after sharing their father’s documentary: at age thirteen he wanted to help provide food for his family, so he set out to find work. The Nazi soldiers took him and other Jews they found on the streets and herded them into trucks headed for the concentration camps. He never saw his family again.

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