Muriel B. & David D. Derrow

Our parents and grandparents emigrated from a tiny shtetl called Staraya Sinovar in the Ukraine. They came with hope and optimism, and little else. They were assisted by the Jewish agencies of that time and by family members who had emigrated a little earlier. Our parents and grandparents not only gave us life but the quality of our lives. Their sacrifices and dedication to hard work and education provided us with role models of heroic stature.

What is most special to us about being Jewish is being linked generation to generation in a tradition that is soundly rooted in a search for legal and social justice and whose precepts are uplifting and ennobling of the human spirit. We hope that the Columbus Jewish community will continue to provide “umbrella” agencies and institutions for the Jewish people in Columbus, and to realize that communities, just like the members of a community, are always changing – as is life.

Our gift to the Foundation specifies the Columbus Jewish Historical Society as the beneficiary because we strongly believe that preservation and knowledge of the past is the surest path to the future. We join in the time-honored tradition of the Jewish people in taking responsibility for ourselves and our community.

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