Memorializing a Fallen Hero

While returning from a 2010 mission in Afghanistan, Miroslav (Steve) Zilberman’s Hawkeye Turboprop twin-engine aircraft lost an engine over the Arabian Sea.  Zilberman ordered his crewmates and co-pilot to bail out, saving their lives.  Zilberman’s body was lost at sea. Zilberman was posthumously awarded the Navy’s Distinguished Flying Cross for his bravery.   The fallen hero is a graduate of Bexley High School, and is survived by wife Katrina, two small children, Daniel and Sarah, and his parents.  Former Board members Lev Kucherski and Larry Rubin are organizing an endowment campaign to memorialize Zilberman.  For information, call Kucherski at 614-469-9090 or the Foundation at 614-338-2365.

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