Magen David Adom

Yasher Koach to our friends and fund holders, Stacy and Howard Levin, who just donated an ambulance to the Israel Red Cross in memory of Stacy’s father, Ben Pollack, who until his 1990 retirement was the president of Ben-Ric Furs in Jamaica Estates, Queens, New York. (Pictured: Selma Pollack)


  1. by Marilyn Gross on August 13, 2016  2:15 pm Reply

    I remember Selma and Ben Pollack. Many years ago their son Andrew and my son Stuart were born at the same time in the same hospital. We shared many good times together. Unfortunately my husband and I moved away and we lost touch.
    Marilyn Gross

  2. by judi klubes on September 29, 2016  8:40 pm Reply

    i remember them both very well. my father and mother owned the little rest. next door called Uncle Sids.

    the years go by all to fast. my dad and mom are now gone, as we get older we look fondly back on our youth and that was a wonderful time for us. ben rick made me for my h.s. graduation a lovely mink cape. i will never forget that.

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