Lenore Schottenstein Sagner

When I look at my children and consider the ways they have chosen to conduct their lives, I recognize that Mel and I set them on a path cleared for us by the community. I marvel at their sound values and sense of responsibility; contributions to the synagogue, the community center, the Day School, along with the family.

Mel and I shared a conscious longing for Jewish community. We were both reared in loving families, but apart from other Jews. In 1954, Columbus was already a vibrant community; we were immediately at home here. We were fortunate to have a forty year partnership with the goal of giving something back.

It has been our privilege to be a part of the Jewish growth of Columbus. The endowment assures that our contribution and effort will continue offering my grandchildren the opportunities and choices that shaped my family. I am proud to be a part of this Book of Life.

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