Legacies in Our Time

Every Foundation endowment has a special purpose, with special meaning and special memories.  Thousands of meaningful distributions are made from Foundation funds every year.  By way of illustration, here are details on two of them:

Sarah Krause Fund: Westerville North High School was her favorite place– especially chemistry  class and orchestra. She was a founding member and president of the Science Olympiad team and was in the top of her class with a 4.11 GPA.  Sarah unexpectedly died 11 years ago.  Her Memorial Fund generates a gift to the science department each year. This year’s graduation gift included liquid nitrogen dewar vacuum flasks and associated equipment. 

Sally and William Glick JCC Endowment: Glick Furniture Company was ubiquitous in Columbus and its suburbs, including locations on Morse Rd and the Northern Lights, Great Western, and Town & Country Shopping Centers– even Chillicothe and Newark.  When Glick customers’ homes got flooded, the Glick family replaced their furniture belongings for free.  Sally and William Glick, who loved the JCC, set up a fund that will always keep giving to the JCC.  The most recent Glick Fund gift is for directional stands in the JCC lobby and frames for lobby art displays. 

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