Keller’s Kosher Kitchen

Capable, well-respected, and much-beloved, Joyce Garver Keller (1947-2016) was a leading voice for Central Ohio’s Jewish community during her long tenure directing the Ohio Jewish Communities organization. She also was a driving force on the Foundation’s Jewish Needs Committee — especially when it expanded its SCRIP voucher program for Jews in need and found ways to connect with community members who struggled mightily during the dark days of the 2007-2013 Great Recession. “We take care of people in our community who are not doing as well as some of us, and we take care of people in the general community,” said Keller upon reminiscing on her career in 2015. “We have a responsibility to take care of those who can’t take care of themselves.”  Recognizing that “Where there is no food there is no Torah” (or as Joyce might have said, “You can’t feed the soul on an empty stomach”) the Foundation’s kitchen area will soon be named in honor of Joyce Garver Keller, of blessed memory.

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