Jewish Organizations Voice Concern Over Iran Deal

While always supportive of a diplomatic resolution and rejecting the notion that the only choices are the current deal or a military option, major Jewish organizations today are raising a number of questions about the framework agreement that the U.S. and other world powers reached with Iran Thursday over its nuclear program.

The Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, Jewish Federations of North America, AIPAC and Jewish Council for Public Affairs all have issued statements appreciating the administration’s efforts to reach a diplomatic solution while pointing out a number of unresolved issues in the framework that could have consequences for the world and especially Israel. Among those is breakout time – the time it would take Iran to develop a nuclear bomb.

Ambassador Dennis Ross noted that any agreement would at best deter Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, not force it to dismantle its program. Concerns about the breakout issue were reinforced by a Daily Beast report that Iran could hide weapons in North Korea.

After convening his cabinet to discuss the framework, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu voiced strong opposition to the terms. “Such a deal does not block Iran’s path to the bomb,” he said. “such a deal paves Iran’s path to the bomb.”

Jewish organizations are emphasizing the imperative of congressional review going forward, and cautioning that even though the focus is currently on Iran as a nuclear threat, there is a need to remain mindful and vigilant of Iran’s ongoing support of terrorism in the Middle East and beyond, as well as its continuing threats against Israel.

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