Jacobs Gets Roasted

For close to 30 years, Foundation CEO Jackie Jacobs talked like a broken record about his imminent retirement.  With a collective sigh of relief, close to 400 people heard him say it for the last time at the Foundation’s annual meeting on May 23rd.  Lamenting a shortage of credible information about her husband, producer Cheryl Jacobs prepared a short video about his achievements.  Three casual acquaintances spoke of the CEO’s talent: Dr. Rob Steiner, an oral surgeon who once did some dental work for Jacobs; Howard Schottenstein, who constructed a home near the Jacobs residence; and, Jody Scheiman, who was president of a synagogue that denied the retiree’s membership application.  Long-suffering Foundation Director of Grants Susan Tanur sang her favorite version of Kol Nidre.  A surprise appearance by funeral director Henry Epstein failed to raise spirits. Co-chairs Arlene Weiss and Michael Broidy, and egged on by Foundation President Jim Bowman, raised a quarter of a million dollars to seal the deal.
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