Israeli elections results

Israeli voters went to the polls on Tuesday to  determine the country’s next prime minister.

The Likud Party, led by current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, seems to have achieved a significant victory over the Zionist Union. This gives him the best chance to form a governing coalition.

The strength and vitality of Israeli democracy was reflected as Jewish and Arab citizens cast votes. Free, open and transparent elections are relatively rare in the Middle East and Israel continues to prove that it is a beacon of democracy in a highly turbulent region. The Times Of Israel reported that the voter turnout was 71.8% , the highest since 1999. By comparison, turnout for the 2012 US Presidential election was an estimated 57.5 percent.

Just as is the case with US elections, the Columbus Jewish Foundation does not promote candidates or political parties when it comes to Israeli elections. Israel is one of the world’s most vibrant democracies and those who love and support the country must respect the right of its citizens to elect their leaders.

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