Israel Celebrates 69th Birthday

On its 69th birthday, Israel is celebrating a population of 8,680,000, which is 43% of world Jewry, according to a report from the Times Of Israel.

In 1948, there were just 806,000 people in Israel, less than a tenth of the current number. At the time, the global Jewish population was 11.5 million, and just 6% were in Israel. There are now estimated to be 14.4 million Jewish people in the world and 43% of them are in the Jewish state.

Over the past 12 months some 174,000 babies were born, 44,000 people died, and 30,000 new immigrants arrived in the country. Overall, the population increased by 1.9%, and at the current rate will hit 15.2 million by the time Israel celebrates its centenary in 2048.

The amazing growth of Israel’s population is a testament to the tiny nation. Despite innumerable challenges, the State of Israel has persisted. Though many challenges continue to present themselves, Israel, like the Jewish people as a whole, is determined to succeed.

Happy 69th birthday, Israel! We can’t wait to see what the next 69 years bring.


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