Hunger in America

According to a Feeding America survey, “Hunger in America,”
  • Eight million Baby Boomers use charitable food assistance to make ends meet.
  • Depending on year of birth, many do not qualify for Social Security or Medicare.
  • Boomers represent a larger portion of Feeding America’s service population, 8 million, than those 65 and older, at 5 million.
  • 58 percent had unpaid medical expenses.
  • 59 percent described their health as poor.
  • 72 percent live in a household experiencing poverty.
If you know of a local Jewish community member with food insecurity issues, Sonia and Saul Cards can be a lifesaver.  Call JFS or discuss with your congregational rabbi, the JCC, Wexner Heritage Village, or the Rosh Kollel.

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