His Parents Warned Him: Don’t Join the IDF!

Ezri Yerusahalmi grew up in Jerusalem, the only son of five children.  His parents taught him that the worst thing he could do to them would be to join the Israel Defense Forces as a combat soldier. With the help and support of Ma’agalim, he came to understand his path in life. Finally, with his parent’s blessings, he was able to join the IDF.  Last summer, during Operation Protective Edge, he saved countless lives by clearing Hamas’ secret killing tunnels that were designed to allow armed infiltrators into Israel.  Over the years, the Foundation and its fund holders have been strong supporters of Ma’agalim, which serves 7,452 at-risk youth throughout Israel.   Meet Ezri and learn about Ma’agalim at Torat Emet, 2375 East Main St., on July 7 at 8:00 PM.

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