Helping Aleppo Refugees – Foundation Sends Shalom Grant

Assad has taken control.  The battle over Aleppo has ended.  The eastern part of one of the world’s oldest and most beautiful cities is largely destroyed.  At least 34,000 civilians and fighters were evacuated last week.  The Foundation’s Social Justice Committee has sent a Shalom Grant to the Jewish Coalition for Disaster Relief to help alleviate the suffering.  Foundation fund holders can recommend a grant from their Donor Advised Fund and community members can donate here.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel is set to bring wounded refugees from Aleppo to Israeli hospitals for treatment. “We’re prepared to take in wounded women and children, and also men if they are not combatants … bring them to Israel, take care of them in our hospitals, as we’ve done with thousands of Syrian civilians,”  said Netanyahu at a meeting with foreign reporters. “I’ve asked the foreign ministry to seek ways to expand our medical assistance to the civilian casualties of the Syrian tragedy, specifically in Aleppo,” he added.  Despite the fact that Israel and Syria are formally in a state of war, Israel has treated more than 2,000 Syrian civilians in its hospitals. Israelis are also donating privately in large amounts to help beleaguered Syrians, according to The Christian Science Monitor.

Syrian government fighters celebrating the seizure of eastern Aleppo. Credit: Agence France-Presse – Getty Images.

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