Helen Zelkowitz

Giving is a privilege for the living.

Our family was raised on “pushkes” and a steady stream of “mishalochim” from Israel. They came to us regularly, however, mother, Sarah, would not interrupt here three-times-a-day prayers. It was a traumatic experience when mother was “in consultation with the Lord,” and a collector knocked on the door.

Taking food baskets to the needy was routine for Mother, trailed by her three daughters, Ruth Kanter, Eleanor Yenkin and Helen Zelkowitz. Sister Tille Ziskind was at the store with Father, Sam Weiner, making money to cover Mother’s charitable contributions. Our grandfather, Kalman London, was the first spiritual leader in Columbus at Agudas Achim Synagogue.

Giving to those less fortunate gave our mother a special glow. May we all be blessed with long years and always be able to give.

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  1. by Penny Wenger on June 15, 2015  3:28 am

    What a nice story. Helen is the aunt of our good friend David Mayer. His mother is the Ruth Kanter mentioned in the story.

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