Social Justice

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Grants from the Columbus Jewish Foundation’s Social Justice Fund seek to fund programs that:

  • Address social injustice.
  • Provide leadership to and funding for local Jewish social action programs.
  • Advance positive relations between the local Jewish community and other groups.
  • Educate local leaders regarding issues important to the Jewish community.

Certain projects may be eligible for multi-year funding, particularly if they are integral to the successful implementation of clearly defined strategic planning objectives.   Continued funding is contingent upon measurable success in meeting the strategic objectives and available funds.

Click for Social Justice guidelines and core requirements.

Click here to apply for a Grant.

Margey Cheses – Chair
Karen Bokor
Julie Friedlander
Dr. Julie Harmon
Jack Meizlish
Alicia Munster
Larry Pliskin
Jo Robbins
Wendy Weiler