Grant Application Guidelines

  1. Proposals must align with both the Foundation mission and the committee’s statement of purpose. Learn more at www.columbusjewishfoundation.org.
  2. Proposals must support the agency mission, including any short- and medium-term initiatives.
  3. Proposals can be submitted as a new or expanded service initiative and should address unmet community needs, complement or improve existing community service needs, increase agency self-sufficiency, attract new clients, or maximize service delivery.
  4. Programs must have measurable goals/objectives and a strong evaluation plan.
  5. Proposals for continued funding will be accepted subject to Foundation pre-approval. Multi-year grants are approved for a one-year period and may be extended for up to two additional years, subject to evaluation and review. Funding for multi-year grants can be phased down over time at the discretion of the grant committee. Continued grant funding will be evaluated based on these criteria:
    • program implementation is according to schedule;
    • measurable success in meeting the strategic objectives;
    • grantee submits a long-term funding plan and reports on the implementation of that plan with each request for continued funding, including communication with future funders following the Foundation grant period;
    • continued need for Foundation funding;
    • interest on the part of the Foundation to provide continued funding: and,
    • available funding.
  6. Programs must start within 18 months of grant approval date.

Information specific to each grant committee can be found on its respective grant page.