Gory Holocaust Film about Sobibor is a Russian Blockbuster

Until recently, relatively few people in Russia knew about Sobibor, the smallest of the six killing centers that the Nazis built in occupied Poland — despite the fact that Russian inmates led a successful escape in 1943. Following the uprising, the Nazis razed the camp so that little more than a forest clearing remained in the remote area where SS guards and Ukrainians murdered 250,000 Jews. Last week, Russia’s largest-ever Holocaust movie was released; a multi-million dollar production with state funding. The film about Sobibor is one of the goriest of its kind. Its opening scene features the death throes of hundreds of naked women in a gas chamber. There’s a rape scene, immolation, savage beatings, floggings, stabbings, a bludgeoning to the head, and firearm executions. “It’s a very difficult film to watch,” Rabbi Alexander Boroda, president of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, told JTA. A significant fund donated by the Ticho-Thomas families is in formation at the Columbus Jewish Foundation to memorialize the victims of Sobibor. Its purpose will be to educate current and future generations of the Nazi atrocities at Sobibor. Click here for more on the film.
Extras being filmed in Lithuania for "Sobibor." (Courtesy of Rosiya Segondiya)
Extras being filmed in Lithuania for “Sobibor.” (Courtesy of Rosiya Segondiya)

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