Good News in Licking County

A recent Anne Frank production in Mt. Vernon was a powerful success.  Over 1,000 people signed in at the exhibit, more than 1,200 students saw one of three free school performances, and nearly 500 people attended the public performances.  Many volunteers worked alongside the MVarts organization and the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect. Partial funding was provided by the Foundation’s Holocaust Education Endowment. One of the teachers reported “You might be interested in how powerful the impact was on my students. They performed this show in front of a truly international audience, and for many of them, this was their first time EVER seeing a live performance on stage. This group of students is from Ghana, Mexico, and Nepal, where English is NOT their native language, so watching this play performed on stage really helped with their understanding!” Noted Janis Stone, one of the MVarts volunteers, “Never underestimate the power of a planted seed.”
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