Geraldine Schottenstein Hoffman

When I look back, I think about who inspired me. Who taught me? Who nourished my desire to help others? I am fortunate because I had some very special people in my life who taught me about my responsibilities, not just to my immediate family, but to the entire Jewish community.

My parents, Joseph and Eva Hurwitz, gave me a strong foundation in the importance of Tzedakah and helped me develop a special love for the State of Israel. These values were nourished and encouraged through my late husband, Jerome and his family. He was taught by his parents that any successes we gained are not true victories unless we use the fruits of our labors to help others. Jerome brought our children to fundraising events at an early age even before I could understand what valuable life lessons he was providing.

Today, I am blessed in my marriage to Marty Hoffman, who is well-known for his charitable endeavors, His energetic pursuit to help others is an inspiration.

Our work is still not done. We must insure that in fifty years our grandchildren and their children not only continue, but expand upon the work that we have begun. The next generation must, and can, embellish the work we have started, but only if we involve them now and at a young age. If we accomplish this, our grandchildren will one day be able to say that they are following the examples left for them by their parents and grandparents.

The Columbus Jewish Foundation has served as an inspiration to Jewish communities throughout the world, and I am proud of what all of us have accomplished.

The Jewish nation lives and we, together, will ensure that it continues to live.

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