Foundation Updates

Developing a Strategic Road Map

Strategic Planning Chair Ira Kane and Committee member Karen Bokor interviewed over 50 community members to analyze the scope of the Foundation’s past and current activities and chart its future direction.  The Strategic Planning Committee will convene next week and will share its initial findings on challenges and opportunities with the Foundation Board later in the month.

Partner Discussions

Meetings were held in the past week with two of the Foundation’s planned giving partners, the Columbus Jewish Day School and Temple Israel Foundation, regarding their ongoing efforts to build an endowment culture among their constituents.

Reaching Out to Our Legislators 

The Foundation is reaching out to our Ohio legislators on the House Ways & Means Committee and the Senate Finance Committee to assure that government policies and procedures interpreting changes made to Donor Advised Funds and Support Organizations by the Pension Protection Act of 2006 do not disadvantage the endowment and Donor Advised Fund operations of community foundations like ours.

High on the Congress’ Lame Duck agenda is the enactment of “tax extender” legislation that would retroactively reinstate over 50 provisions, many of which expired on January 1, 2014. A key provision that enjoys wide bipartisan support is the IRA Charitable Rollover. Every day that Congress postpones action on the “tax extender” package, vital year-end gifts are delayed, or in some cases, may not take place at all. Special thanks to Joyce Garver Keller and the Ohio Jewish Communities for reaching out to Ohio Members on the House Ways & Means Committee and the Senate Finance Committee urging quick action on this legislation.

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