Foundation Updates

New Grants

Continuing a tradition of exposing opinion leaders, policy makers, and influentials to issues of Jewish concern, two new Foundation grants will enable the following groups to broaden their horizons:

  • Police Chief Kim Jacobs and 55 of her officers will participate in a special program this Fall at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum designed specifically for law enforcement personnel.  They will examine the role that Germany’s Landespolizei (police forces) played in the Holocaust and be challenged to reflect upon their professional and personal responsibilities in a democracy.
  • Ohio House Speaker’s Mission to Israel – Ohio Speaker of the House Cliff Rosenberger will lead a bipartisan mission to Israel later this year that will include Ohio House Minority Whip Kevin Boyce.  Tentative plans include visiting security border sites; Ohio Israel Agricultural Initiative projects; Hi-tech; Christian/Jewish Religious sites; IDF Air Force base; and, higher education programs.  The mission will be under the auspices of the Cleveland-based Negev Foundation.

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