Foundation Renews Grant to Police Department

In his final speech as FBI director, James Comey told the Anti-Defamation League that the Holocaust informed his deeply-held beliefs about preventing the abuse of power. “… the Holocaust was the most significant event in history, not just because it was a display of inhumanity, but because it was also the most horrific display of our humanity – our true capacity for evil and for moral surrender,” he said. “And that….is the reason we require every new FBI special agent and intelligence analyst in training to visit the Holocaust Museum. We want them to learn about abuse of power on a breathtaking scale.”  A shared commitment to prevent the abuse of power prompted Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs to request the Foundation to renew a grant to enable local police officers to attend seminars at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.  The Foundation Board approved the grant on Wednesday.
Watch for more information on these and other grants in the Ohio Jewish Chronicle, our website, and social media.

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