Elaine & Milton Lewin

Judaism is a way of being – our being. We feel very fortunate to have Judaism as our precious legacy. We are grateful to have been blessed with parents who gave us warmth, love and caring, the riches of Jewish tradition, and the joy and desire for perpetuating our Jewish legacy. In addition, memories of our grandparents and closeness of relatives added dimension to our commitment to our heritage.

The tenacity – the survival – of our ancestors over the decades is what makes being Jewish so special. We must always remember the courage and determination with which our ancestors came from foreign lands to a new land, creating pride in what they did. Generation to generation, may we always remember, so that we may forever maintain our cohesiveness and “connectedness” with one another.

It is our hope that the Columbus Jewish community continue to be blessed with strong leadership and ongoing education opportunities, in order to add to the validity of our Jewish experience, to create sustenance for all future generation, and for the preservation of our precious legacy.

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