Dorothy Rosenfeld

During the depression I watched my mother put money in the pushka for the poor. Once a month a man dressed in black with a long beard would come to our house with a special key to open the box and take out the money. I was so proud of my mom because as little as we had, mom always felt there were others in greater need.

While my husband, Mayer, was director of the Jewish Center, no one who wanted to become a member or needed help for their children to go to the day camp or pre-school was turned away. Mayer felt that it was too difficult for Jewish people to ask for a hand-out so he never asked for any proof of need.

Before my brother-in-law, Zal Rosenfeld, died, he willed all of his assets to the Columbus Jewish Foundation to support the Jewish Center that was so dear to his heart.

Our family motto has always been “give to help others to live.” Our family is proud that we have a Columbus Jewish Foundation in our community.

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