Donor Spotlight – Sam Melton

Sam Melton (1900 – 1993) was a giver, not a taker.  It took him more than 30 years to give away hsam-melton-photois fortune, and the way he did it still generates rich dividends for the Jewish community.

Melton was an industrialist, businessman — and philanthropist.  He turned a small business he started in his father’s garage into the multi-million dollar Capitol Manufacturing and Supply Company, a world leader in the production of stainless steel fittings.  After retiring in 1959, he turned his attention to a range of community endeavors, primarily in the field of Jewish education.  He was a founder of the Columbus Jewish Foundation and for decades was the Jewish Federation of Columbus’ lead donor. Long after his death, his endowment at the Columbus Jewish Foundation continues to provide a major gift to the Federation’s annual campaign.

Sam Melton is profiled here in a 1988 Columbus Jewish Foundation tribute.

Other Immortal Givers  

Sam Melton was not alone in wanting to continue his charitable giving beyond his lifetime.  All of the following donors set up Perpetual Annual Gift Endowments for the Federation’s benefit to help the Jewish community long after they’re gone.

Ben Balshone
Pearl and Troy Feibel
Thelma Gerson
Sally and Billy Glick
Clara, Joseph, and Dana Goldslager
Ben and Charlotte Kahn
Pauline and Raymond Kahn
Myrtle Katz
Harriet and Harold Korn
Richard Lieberman
Sam Lubin
Ben and Rose Mandelkorn
Sam Melton
George Rosenberger 
Mayer Rosenfeld
Beatrice and Buddy Roth
Annette and Louis Ruben
Fannie and Morris Skilken
Betty and Chick Talis
Jack Wallick
Helen Zelkowitz

Endowments are forever. Call Jackie Jacobs at (614) 338-2365 for more information on Perpetual Annual Campaign Endowments for the Federation, or the charities that are important to you.

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