Documentary on Russian Jews Now Online

Russian Jews, which portrays the stories of Russian Jewry throughout the 20th century, is now available online, courtesy of Genesis Philanthropy Group.  The series has enjoyed a record-breaking theatrical release across Russia, a premiere at Israel’s Knesset, sold-out screenings across the United States, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Latvia and Georgia as well as Jewish film festivals in Moscow, Manchester, Atlanta and Australia.  The first film of the trilogy tells the story of the Jewish people across the Russian Empire, their traditional way of life and their assimilation into society at large. The second film captures the 30-year period of a large-scale Jewish participation in every domain of Soviet political and cultural life, highlighting Leon Trotsky’s role in constructing the Red Army, Marc Chagall’s early career, film director Sergey Eisenstein’s creation of a new visual language, and the first Soviet popular music stars.  Access the three-part movie here.


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