DeeDee Glimcher

Why would I want to help secure the future of our Jewish community? It is so obvious to me. I have children and grandchildren. I want to do everything I can to make sure there is a Jewish world for them. I have learned from the holocaust that we must do something, stay involved, be a participant to have the life and the world we want. My parents reinforced that lesson. They were always involved and gave much of their time to the Mansfield Jewish community.

By his example, my husband, Herb, who was raised in the Orthodox tradition, taught me the value of tzedakah. His generosity has been very motivational for me. I know that my children have all learned from us to be participants and givers.

What I wish for our community is tolerance of each other and enough strength that we can find a healthy place in the greater world without total assimilation. The world would be uninteresting if we were all alike, but even more important, our Jewish values are too precious to ever lose.

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