Critical Community Investments

The Columbus Jewish Foundation has stepped up to provide guidance and financial support to ensure the viability of vital community institutions.  The following, details one of these occasions, written by Dr. Kurt M. Malkoff, then Chairman of the Board and Richard Lamden, then President and CEO of Wexner Heritage Village.

A Celebration of Friendship – June 2004

“Wexner Heritage Village acknowledges and thanks the Columbus Jewish Foundation for its trust, generosity and support in providing a substantial loan in 1999, to help Wexner Heritage Village manage an operational deficit that was threatening the very essence of the organization.  With provisions for incremental forgiveness of the loan over a five-year period, and based on successful implementation of Wexner Heritage Village’s business plan, the Columbus Jewish Foundation has forgiven the entire loan.  These funds served as a “drink of water in the desert” that helped lay the financial stability for Wexner Heritage Village to sustain itself, and with hard work, vision and fiscal responsibility, successfully move into the future, better serving a greater number of our community’s older adults.”