Book of Life U - Z

  • Giving is a privilege for the living. Our family was raised on “pushkes” and a steady stream of “mishalochim” from Israel. They came to us regularly, however, mother, Sarah, would not interrupt here three-times-a-day prayers. It was a traumatic experience when mother was “in consultation with the[...]
  • It gives us great pleasure to know that we have established a fund that will live after us, that we have created a legacy based on our beliefs that hopefully will inspire our children and future generations to continue to build. We have been so enriched by the Columbus Jewish community, and are grat[...]
  • I feel fortunate that I am in a position to give, because giving has always been so much a part of the life I was taught by my parents. My mother had little tin “pushkes” nailed to every door in our house, mostly for different institutions in Israel, and we were always collecting and sending money. [...]
  • Our fondest memories of our youths were the holidays, especially the spirituality of the Passover Seder. Our children tell us we achieved our goal of recreating those memories for them. Another memory was the ever present pushka in my home in New Orleans. And now Tzedakah is just a way of life. G[...]
  • Having been influenced by many other Jewish individuals who have endowed favorite Jewish causes, we desire to perpetuate the Jewish heritage and culture in this community through our commitment to the Columbus Jewish Foundation. Roselee's father, Morris Lerer, was born in Russia and came to the U[...]
  • Both my Wasserstrom and Krakoff grandparents came to this community in the 1890’s and they began what was to be a continuous pattern in my family of Jewish commitment and involvement. My parents modeled Jewish values, including “tzedakah” and about the blessings and responsibilities of being a Jew. [...]
  • With a commitment to the future of Judaism, Jack and I always bought the same gifts for each of our grandchildren when they were born. To granddaughters, we gave silver candlesticks. To grandsons, Kiddush cups. Through our contributions to the Columbus Jewish community, we hope all Jewish childre[...]
  • The words Tzedakah and Tzadik (Gracious Person) share a common root: two special people inspired our family's endowment contributions. My grandfather, Ely Petzinovitch, known as Reb Ely, of blessed memory, was a very generous person who gave Tzedakah to anyone in need. A particular story reflects[...]