Book of Life K - O

  • Aaron and Beth established the Leventhal Fund in 1996 in recognition of their interest in helping Jewish youth. The Leventhal Fund provides scholarships for Jewish youth to attend outstanding Jewish-oriented programs in Columbus and Israel. Whenever possible the Fund will provide scholarships for [...]
  • In New York City in the 1930s, Rabbi Stephen S. Wise inspired Martin. And for five years, 1936 through 1941, Martin lived at the 92nd Street YMCA(NYC). The Executive Director, Jack Nadel, was an important support. Life at the “Y” was possible because of financial aid from the Jewish Welfare Board. [...]
  • We both feel we have been blessed since birth. We were born into warm, Jewish families with parents who showered us with love, devotion, care and a commitment to our heritage. Our parents, who come to Ohio from Romania, Russia and New York, taught us so much by their examples. We hope we have don[...]
  • We view our Jewish heritage as a precious gift handed down to us by our ancestors. We also believe that, like all valuable treasures, this gift comes with commiserate responsibilities and opportunities. We must seriously address our obligation as Jews not just in a philosophical way, but we must a[...]
  • We have been surrounded by so many blessings. Giving back was never a choice; it was a natural way of life for us. More than responsibility to give tzedakah, it is our privilege to be in a position to help others. The Janice B. Ballas Fund, in particular, was funded to honor Phyllis’ deceased si[...]
  • A belief in the future is surely one of the greatest gifts we can give to our children. I feel honored and fortunate to be part of this vibrant Columbus Jewish community and especially this important Book of Life. Within these pages, we can each give testimony to the people who inspired us and at th[...]
  • From my parents, Rose and Samuel Gitman, and my brother Norman Gitman who died when I was eleven, I learned how important it is to always share and care for others. It is my pleasure to make this gift to the Columbus Jewish community, in hopes that I will leave some footprints in the sands of time [...]
  • Moving to the Midwest from New York City, I found my Jewish identity strengthened and reinforced through participation in religious and secular activities, and exploring our Jewish heritage. When I became a self-employed librarian and preservation consultant in 1991, I found that Jewish life and adh[...]
  • Judaism is a way of being – our being. We feel very fortunate to have Judaism as our precious legacy. We are grateful to have been blessed with parents who gave us warmth, love and caring, the riches of Jewish tradition, and the joy and desire for perpetuating our Jewish legacy. In addition, memorie[...]
  • Because our earliest memories were of dinner table conversations of community needs and of parents who attended meetings of philanthropic organizations in the Jewish community, we fell naturally into a similar pattern. Stories of grandmothers who cooked meals for sick neighbors, kept pushkes on t[...]