Book of Life K - O

  • Our parents journeyed from Russia, Poland and Germany to America and struggled to make a better life and to practice Judaism without persecution. We have benefited from our parents’ sacrifices as have our children, who have received Jewish educations and have been enriched by the many Jewish social [...]
  • I wanted to create this endowment in order to insure that the memory of both my late husbands would live on. Having been raised to believe that charity came right after feeding the family in terms of priorities, it feels very natural to help provide for the future of this Jewish community, where I [...]
  • Our roots here are strong and deep. Born and raised in Columbus, Selma Sylvia Ruben and Myer William Mellman were married in 1944. Participation in the Jewish community has nurtured what we cherish; Jewish values and Jewish life, the arts and education, the beauty of Judaism as a religion of action.[...]
  • We have been involved with the community and Jewish life for many years. Jewish education and tzedakah have always been part of our heritage. During the Yom Kippur War, I was President of the Federation, and from 1976 to 1982, I chaired the Columbus Jewish Foundation and helped launch the Founder[...]
  • Barbara's Jewish history stems from Lithuania and Germany. Her parents are first generation, American-born citizens, who have always been involved in their local Jewish community and continue to influence us today. We see our local Jewish community in Columbus expanding and changing to meet the [...]
  • My philanthropic interests and contributions, particularly the Jewish community, reflect my life’s works as a professional since 1945. The Columbus Jewish Foundation represents a unique means to extend and sustain the support of community needs in perpetuity. What I may have done simply emulat[...]
  • For us, being Jewish has always meant a commitment to each other, to family and to community. These values were instilled in us by our parents and grandparents, magnified by our three sons’ Bar Mitzvahs and by two wonderful trips to Israel. Our dream for this community is that it will continue to f[...]
  • Although I have been an active participant in all efforts to provide necessary funding and commitment to meet the needs of the Jewish people in Columbus and throughout the Jewish world, my primary and ongoing focus is and has been and will continue to be on quality Jewish Education and Literacy for [...]
  • The future of our local Jewish community is dependent on funding a long term plan of sustenance. And that plan must be underwritten by a permanent commitment. Our family’s future generations must be guaranteed the opportunity to treasure their gift of Judaism and their covenant with God to live thei[...]
  • As children of immigrants, our parents were secure in their Jewish identity and in their Judaism. The same cannot be said for their grandchildren and great grandchildren. The Jewish community has recognized Jewish identity and continuity as a major challenge. Our gift is designed to focus efforts[...]
  • Judaism is a way of being – our being. We feel very fortunate to have Judaism as our precious legacy. We are grateful to have been blessed with parents who gave us warmth, love and caring, the riches of Jewish tradition, and the joy and desire for perpetuating our Jewish legacy. In addition, memorie[...]
  • I am happy to be able to do something that will help insure a strong Jewish community in Columbus, where I was born and raised. I was brought up in a home that reflected that we should always try to improve what we have, emphasizing service to the Jewish people. I have seen many changes in Columbus,[...]