Book of Life A - E

  • The idea and the ideal of tzedakah is a foundation of our lives. Since our earliest years, our parents taught us that Judaism is a religion of action, a way of living that places great emphasis on caring for the community and giving back to the community so as to help others. It is truly a pleasu[...]
  • Our parents and grandparents emigrated from a tiny shtetl called Staraya Sinovar in the Ukraine. They came with hope and optimism, and little else. They were assisted by the Jewish agencies of that time and by family members who had emigrated a little earlier. Our parents and grandparents not only g[...]
  • Our Jewish roots are traced back to Russia, Poland and Latvia. Gerald Davis’ grandmother, Bryna Goldberg of Sharon, Pennsylvania, taught him about charity by example of all the “pushkas”, tin charitable containers, which were somehow attached to the hot water tank in her kitchen. Grandmother Goldber[...]
  • My parents lived a very Jewish life. I was born and raised Jewish, and I don't know anything different. I like the spiritual and humanistic teachings of Judaism. No matter where you go or to what country you travel, there is a sense of "home" - the same books, the same language. My dream is to [...]
  • The meaning in our home of family and community has always been intertwined. You can’t have one without the other. We would like to pass on to our family and the community our commitment of caring, understanding and giving. Our family’s foundation is built on Jewish tradition passed on from our fami[...]
  • We come from modest backgrounds, and each of us, in our youth, benefited from the Jewish institutions in the communities in which we were raised. While neither of us is a native of Columbus, the people and institutions of this Jewish community have become important to us in a very deep and personal[...]
  • My mother, Celia Neustadt Byer, the daughter of a famous Rabbi, came to the United States from Russia and Poland in 1903 when she was just one year old. Rabbi Neustadt established the forerunner of the modern Hebrew school in Indianapolis. My father, Herbert Byer, born in Cincinnati was also raised [...]
  • We have always been taught by our parents’ example that it is not only a responsibility but a blessing to be able to give back to the community. We have established a tradition of helping to provide for the Columbus Jewish community, which has provided us with so many opportunities for learning and [...]
  • We feel blessed to have lived within the Columbus Jewish Community for over 45 years in peace and prosperity. It seems right to share a portion of what we have with future generations. The knowledge that our connection with the community will not be broken is gratifying. Our parents, Simon and Le[...]
  • My mother, Sema Yablok, a naturalized U.S. citizen, returned to Ticochin, Poland, in 1931 with my grandmother, to seek a lifemate with intellect and religious qualifications that matched hers. She met and married Yehuda Piekarz, my father, who was known in Columbus as Rabbi Julius L. Baker. My pa[...]
  • Being Jewish is like a good luck charm. It has helped us to make conscious choices based on study, understanding and being inquisitive. It allows us to accept what is meaningful and has enhanced our lives. Our good luck began when our families emigrated here from Germany. We now dream of other Je[...]
  • We are delighted that we have been able to help provide for the future of this community that our family has loved and in which we have all learned and grown so much. Our dream is that future generations will enjoy the warm and secure feeling, as we have, of growing up in a solid Jewish environment [...]