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  • Conjoined twins Daisy and Violet Hilton were the highest-paid act in Depression-era vaudeville, and even had a brief flirtation with Hollywood in Tod Browning's 1932 classic, Freaks. The sisters are the subject of Gallery Players upcoming production, Side Show.  The Foundation is Gallery Players key[...]
  • The Columbus Mikvah, where Jews take ritual baths to fulfill purity requirements, will soon be getting a makeover at a new location on East Main St, with more than half of the costs already committed.  To assure proper long-term building upkeep, the Foundation will match contributions to the facilit[...]
  • Central Ohio's "Eco-conscious Jewish Reconstructionist & Renewal Community" received a $2,500 strategic planning grant from the Foundation's Jewish Education and Literacy Committee to develop year-round service to its students, life-long learning for teens and adults, and 10% annual increases in[...]
  • The New York Times calls it "bunching."  Donors "bunch" several years of donations into a Donor Advised Fund in one year.  They get a tax deduction by itemizing.  They then spread out distributions in future years when they won't be itemizing deductions. Click here for How to Write Off Donations Und[...]
  • Many people mistakenly believe that all donations of appreciated securities are deductible at full fair market value, but only long-term appreciated securities (those held for at least one year and a day) are eligible for a full deduction. For individuals who hold short-term appreciated securities, [...]
  • Are we alone in the universe or does Judaism believe in cosmic pluralism?  Are we but 'fish in a bowl' of a larger universe with hidden dimensions?  "Out of the Ordinary," in memory of Andrew Ethan Stern, raises the questions and will offer answers.  Funded in memory of Andrew Ethan Stern by the AES[...]
  • When the new tax bill was signed into U.S. law by President Donald Trump on Dec. 22, an unexpected constituency benefited: parents who send their kids to Jewish day schools. Until now, the college savings plans known by their tax codes, 529s, could only be used for college tuition. But as of January[...]
  • The newly-approved tax legislation aims to create a more attractive environment for business investment through a number of policies, including reducing the corporate tax rate by 14 percentage points, allowing businesses to immediately write off new capital investments, and switching to a territoria[...]
  • We remember Gestalt psychotherapist Norman Shub as a bigger-than-life change agent who always got right to the heart of the matter. His consulting work in the early 2000's with the Foundation's Jewish Education and Literacy Committee, then chaired by Barbara Herstig, set the stage for a dynamic peri[...]
  • As a child, Judah Folkman accompanied his father, a venerated Columbus rabbi, on visits to hospital patients. By age seven, he knew he wanted to be a doctor rather than follow in his father's footsteps, so he could offer cures in addition to comfort. His father, Rabbi Jerome Folkman,  replied, "In t[...]
  • How can kids be empowered to safely navigate the digital world?  The Foundation is a sponsor of a timely and important program on Sunday, January 21 for teens and their parents - it will probe vulnerable corners of family life, depicting real-life struggles over social media, video games, academics,[...]