Author archives: Jeff Zarate

  • It is quite possible you can make a charitable gift and actually increase your retirement income. Take for example Minnie Horowitz (not a real person). She is 80 years old, and receives retirement income from various sources, including certificates of deposit. One of her CDs is maturing and she’s he[...]
  • Twenty-two Jewish high school seniors vied for Cole Essay Contest awards by preparing contemplative essays about their future Jewish lifestyles.  Some were tentative,others self-assured.   All were candid about the prospects of finding  Jewish pathways in college.  Winners are Ariel Brodey ($1,000);[...]
  • In town for Columbus Torah Academy's Baseball Invitational, legendary professional baseball  umpire Al Clark took time out for a cursory five-minute stroll through the JCC with Foundation CEO Jackie Jacobs.  They got hijacked by JCC Director and Assistant Director Carol Folkerth and Mike Klapper. [...]
  • Outspoken women's rights and civil rights advocate Bella Abzug was not the only Jewish woman to wear a hat.  "When Women Wore Hats," a Columbus Jewish Historical Society celebration of women's organizations from 1940 to 1970, opens on May 23.
  • Potential changes to incentives for charitable giving in the tax code have been an ongoing part of deficit reduction and tax reform discussions for a number of years. Recent tax reform proposals offered by the House Ways and Means Committee and the Trump Administration would retain the charitable de[...]
  • The country's largest synagogue contingent in Israel this week to celebrate Jerusalem Day hails from Columbus.  Congregation Torat Emet members, together with  thousands of Israelis, look forward to demonstrating  solidarity with the city on May 24.  The international community has never approved th[...]
  • Sports Spectacular, one of the JCC's most popular offerings, is being re-imagined this summer on  July 14 and 15.  It will include a golf outing at Champion Gold Club and a community Shabbat Dinner at the JCC as well as the Abe Weinrib 5K, a Children's Fun Run, finals of the JCC Tennis Open, and a "[...]
  • How do local Jewish teen leaders feel about the greening of our agencies and being good stewards of our planet?  Speaking on behalf of the 26-member Columbus Jewish Youth Foundation Teen Board, high school junior Ethan Davis shed light on the subject at a meeting in late May with the Foundation's Ex[...]
  • The Foundation's Jewish Education & Literacy Committee is pleased to announce that a bequest from community leaders Aurelia and Ernie Stern will enable more students to join the March of the Living, an annual educational program that brings students from all over the world to Poland and Israel i[...]
  • Before starting a second career in insurance and securities, Herb was in the movie business.  One of his family's drive-ins was located in Findlay, Ohio.  Other cinema locations were on Parsons Avenue and East Main Street.  Herb and his late wife, Evelyn, understood the importance of financial and c[...]
  • Ambassador Danny Danon, Israel's Permanent U.N. Representative, will lead this year's June Israel Bonds evening event, honoring Foundation fund holders Marilyn and Stuart Cole.  Ohio is historically strong on Bonds.  State Treasurer Josh Mandel's office bought a record $61 million in Israel Bonds la[...]
  • A one-day $200,000 Columbus Torah Academy fundraiser went crazy this week, raising $329,000. The kids and donors couldn't contain their excitement in the final minutes (click here).   Thanks to matching gifts and great organization, 500 donors participated, including alumni from around the world.  F[...]